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01-29-2010, 04:26 PM
2 is simply too few.

Allow 1 for each class type given the skill cap, and 1 more for a PVP.

I have the DDE, and one slot I want to use for my Trill SO is unusable till Monday, and I wanted to roll up a Tac and a Engr Feddie, as well as doign a Klingon Tac/Ground guy.

That aint happening.

I'm not going to QQ and say I quit over this, but if I get bored of grinding the same toon and don't like grinding the same 2 skills/playstyle day after day after day with little or no opportunity to stay in the game and try something different, then yeah I'll quit like I did EQ2 and Camelot - I got bored and eventually cancelled and went to a gmae that gave me enouhg variety to keep me interested (WOW). Don;t say reroll, wiht only 2 slots, you;re doomed to being forever Noob due to that restriction. And that still doesnt solve the lack of variety problem: it leaves you with only 2 playable styles/Skills PERIOD.

Variety is what keeps WoW fresh (every 80 has half a dozne alts they play part of the time too, for excatly those reasons PvE or PvP) - and thats huge as a retnetion factor in the MMO revenue model, and Cryptic is stupidly throwing it away IMHO.

That's revenue they are throwing away by being damnably stupid in that design decsion -- probably driven by marketing suits, not the Devs.

Rethink it Cryptic, or else hurry up and let us get more slots -- or at least say that more slot are on the way within 90 days.

Cryptic, this policy is short sighted and stupid. Give us 4 + a POVP one earned. OIr give us the ability to buy the dang slots NOW, I'd pony up for 2 more right now for $25 yeach.

As it stands, even the 2 you get for $240 wiht the life membership are not a good cash deal wiht the caps, I'm worried Id get way bored (and others woudl too). I don;t want to end up ebaying this account, I'd rather play it with a variety of types and challenges.

Right now, the 2 slot limit and skill caps make that an impossibility for all but the most single-minded.