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01-29-2010, 05:17 PM
I have turned off auto-grouping as suggested and have not had any more issues. I basically had to rush in and blow all cooldowns and try and take out as many as I could before dying, then respawn and repeat. I took out a BOP, then 2 BOPs, then the the Escort, and then I managed to out-maneuver the Neghvars around the asteroids and take them both out. Phew!

Where do we report little things like this, because on a patrol mission in Bhea I think. I was ordered to destroy these 7 shipyards and if I lined up just right I could blow the shipyards to pieces without "aggroing" the ships guarding it making the mission way too easy. I attacked them afterwards for the loot, but still, their aggro range needs to go up or at least they should begin attacking right as you attack their base.