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I made a temp char earlier today while i was waiting for my playable borg to become available and i got the first BOff reward as normal from the tutorial right before i beamed up to space no problem.

Then later on once i heard the Borg was now available i logged out and made my new char, everything seemed fine untill i got to the above mentioned section and completed the mission for which you are supposed to receive the BOff reward,

PLEASE NOTE: Yes, i did select one of the 3 choices before completeing the mission and yes i did check the assignments tab by pressing "U" and no it wasn't there. I did receive the skill points ect as normal but no bridge officer, made a new char and exactly the same thing happened again.

I reported this to a GM in game but as I imagine they are extremely busy at the moment i didn't expect a reply any time soon, so i remade my char to try again hopeing i wouldn't have the same problem, unfortunately it happened again so thought i should let you guys know here. This also happened to me in open beta but it was on the Azura mission (which is a common problem i beleave) but i hadn't had this issue on the tutorial before today.

Anyone else getting this problem? please let me know,