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01-29-2010, 06:00 PM
It sounds as though your install cannot contact the account server.

If you are behind a firewall (or god forbid use windows firewall) or a router, check your logs to ensure nothing is being blocked, particularly port 7255 which is port used by Cryptics patcher. If you have no joy there, open the run command and type “cmd” and press enter, this will open a new dos window, in this window type “ping” to make sure you are able to establish a connection, that is the ip for Cryptic’s server. The ping command will send four test packets to the server to check the health of the connection between you and the ip following the command. If it is timing out and you are sure a firewall or router are not at fault check with your isp to ensure they are not blocking this address or port 7255. If that fails, I would contact Cryptic support directly.