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01-29-2010, 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by Phelissa View Post
Well, I VERY MUCH DO want to work but have been ordered by the docs not to do such. I trust their judgement. Again, I have been looking for others way to pull in an income but its hard esp when the employeer ask what is wrong and when they find out im disabled, I get overlooked. Not my fault the system is F'd in so many ways :/

Im glad you are abl to move forward even tho you have a similiar disability. Wish I could, I miss work Again, I love to work and thats why I started doing such at the age of 7! Started my own business that grew to 2 stores at age 15, but hey, im a loser right and just want to leech? What were you doing at age 7 or 15? Did you have a biz that could make 250k in one weekend? gratz if you did.

thank you all for the '$5' advice, I will check it out as I didnt know such offer was available!
The system may be as broken as hell but that doesn't explain why you NEED a code, that is what caught my attention. You weren't even asking for one, you were stating you NEED to have one. I get angry at people who ask for handouts, and that is what it seemed you were doing. I just think the priorities are a bit off, you state you are broke and cannot work but NEED a video game, that what screams abuse of the system

And Furlough, if you can sit in front of a computer and play a video game you can sit in front of a computer and get paid for it, there is no difference except one is for pleasure and one is for survival.