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Well... I thought they'd have fixed this after open beta was over, but I suppose not.

Frequently, when doing exploration missions (for now in the Delta Volanis Cluster), when attempting to explore an Unknown System, I get the error message and the game crashes. Incorrect/Unreadable version of some hogg file (not specified in the error message).

I also wonder what kind of hash check or something (if there is indeed any) is being used, because verifying the game files does not yield any errors. After each crash, the launcher force verifies the files anyways. Never found an error.

I tried reinstalling the game (with the instalation files I obtained through Direct2Drive) and re-patching, but the problem persists. It's not every single time, I can get to explore unknown systems, but the errors occur very frequently.

PS: The error does seem to occur less frequently than it did in the Open Beta, but still...