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01-29-2010, 06:29 PM
Originally Posted by Sinhealer
Sorry mate but I am also on a disability pay check.

I worked fulltime since I was 15 and had to stop working at 33,since then I have had to give up alot but I also know what I enjoy so I spend my cash wisely.

I have bought this game as well as a lifetime sub and felt no need to ask for anything from anyone to get it.

I am married have the house etc.

Sorry mate but I think if you want to play the game badly enough you will make it work.
Yep, trying to make it work hence this thread, which will be deleted shortly btw.. Iwil leventually get the game, might be a month or 2 but nonetheless.. Im just very anxious to join in the fun!! Im a huge trek fan and been waiting for a game like this forever! Im happy you have found ways to enjoy life being disabled, not that easy for everyone :/