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01-29-2010, 06:35 PM
Originally Posted by StormShade
ZippyZ gets +1 to Awesome for that post.


I wish you had read the thread more carefully. And ZippyZ gets -2 for not doing so either.

This is not a "we don't understand how to assign bridge officers" problem. This is a problem where bridge officers which are given as mission rewards are never actually given to the player. The Azura mission and the tutorial missions are examples of instances where this bug can occur.

It happens randomly, sometimes the bridge officers are awarded to the player just fine and sometimes they aren't. When it does happen you are more or less screwed out of that particular bridge officer mission reward because, at that point, the mission has completed and you don't have the option of abandoning it and trying again. Most of us who run into this problem end up deleting our characters and trying again - that was fine for beta but it's not fine for live.

This was reported in beta. Several times. And several times someone hopped into the thread and incorrectly linked completely useless information like ZippyZ just did despite being given detailed reports of the problem which clearly mention this isn't a case of not understanding how to assign BO's. Sometimes I think people don't bother reading past the title before hitting that reply button.

Please fix this bug. I personally filed a bug report about it during the beta and up to the very last day of beta I checked the ticket to see if there was ever a response given. But from what I could see it was never even looked at.