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Originally Posted by Mirai View Post
1. You will get a mission from Admiral Quinn that sends you to meet the NPC at Memory Alpha.

2. Zones called "clusters" have exploration missions. Look for the anomalies to enter them. As you exit the Sol system, take a hard right to find your first cluster. You might want to wait until Admiral Quinn sends you there, because you'll get a contact who frequently offers you an episode to explore three systems, and it's worth bonus points.

3. See #2 above. The exploration NPCs award you the badges when you complete their episodes.

4. It won't take too long to fill up the inventory. You'll get a better price for them at a vendor, but you can just sell them in your inventory replicator if you don't want to bother traveling.

5. Spend your skill points. That's how you get promoted. Note that there are skills for weapons. You might want to invest in those early.
In addition to this, I would like to mention that Exploration missions (from Grall) and Secure the Sector Block missions (from Sulu) are immediately repeatable after turning them in. You can start repeating those right away.