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01-29-2010, 06:41 PM
Originally Posted by Trilane View Post
Hey Phel. I promise this isn't a bash. I did have to walk away and count to ten before I posted. I feel you about being disabled and the problems associated with that status. While I am not disabled, I do have people in my life who are. The most noticeable is my grandfather who, despite having lost one of his legs, still works.

I understand their are some disabilities that prevent one from working. And people in this class I am willing to help. But i still find asking for a game kinda out there.
I have a neck injury, one wrong move and im paralized I only ask for help here cause Im a huge trek fan and feel 'left out' atm :/ I promise you, I dont usually 'beg' or ask for help from anyone but this is different to me :p