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01-29-2010, 06:55 PM
Originally Posted by zenithan View Post
If that's true, what is the point of the character trait then? In the profile page it shows +10 when you start. If you get 1 tank of the skill, it says +16.
I have been having the same problem and have also had trouble getting people on here to realize what i mean, I have warp theorist and 2 points in the skill, which is (im doing this by memory cause im at work) +20

When I signed off my power levels read this, I remember cause I spent a half hour and even bought the 2 levels of the skill in order to try to figure out why my effective power level was not changing
weapons 90/90
shields 60/60
engine 25/25
aux. 25/25

so I feel your pain dude, which sucks because the warp core theorist is a major part of my future JT's bio