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01-29-2010, 06:56 PM
Originally Posted by USSZenica
This game is still beta and we prepaid in advance some 6 months for the exclusive right to play in this
beta phase. Those on the monthly sub can cancel the paid beta with no loss, those of us with the Lifetime
subscription are stuck. We paid to play in this continued beta so we may as well. I just need to change
the way I look at this so as to not keep getting annoyed.

From here on out, when someone *itches about the game, I'm going to tell him/her the truth. This game
is still in beta testing and they paid for and agreed to test the product for Cryptic.

Now with that said, I just ask that Cryptic address the myriad of bug reports and work towards making
the game stable enough for a retail release. I won't bother asking for a date as that is like disproving a negative...something that cannot be done anymore than they can give a date this game will be ready for retail.
You knew that well before buying the life time sub, the joke is on you.