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01-29-2010, 06:56 PM

I was gonna say that as an IT drone, the OP sounds *absolutely* like an IT directory.

No clue what goes on under the covers. No clue how testing is done or whether or not it has been done. Absolute faith in an artificially imposed external date (or has any here ever watched how Atari, the publisher, does business?). And no understanding that past experience (see CO forums the day of headstart when *it* went live) is probably an excellent indicator of how the next roll-out will go unless people learn lessons.

And here I sit, unable to log in or even go home because I am busy trying to meet some other IT Director's arbitrarily imposed deadline with no hope because he hasn't figured out that the model he is using failed last time and will fail again until he learns to ask the coders and sys admins what went wrong. (Or is that you, Dave? Maybe it's not some *other* IT Director. Would surprise me if Dave is a trekkie, but it would not surprise me if he played hookie today to try and get into the game.