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01-29-2010, 07:40 PM
1. They lead on as if you can download the beta version from any of the pre-order sites.
- I'm not going to search the whole d@mn website to learn that I can only use approximately 4 servers that the game can be purchased through

2. I ordered it from Gamestop and they don't give me a mother fahking CD-key
- What the mother fahk?
- Don't mislead me
- I bought the game and GameStop makes me buy "download insurance" for like $3.50 and I can't even download the game from them, it says "pending", they go on to tell me that I won't receive my CD-key until Monday because it is supplied by a 3rd party who will e-mail me

3. You know who I blame? The people who gave me the option to purchase the game through GameStop
- Cryptic KNEW I wouldn't have my CD-key in a timely fashion
- Cryptic KNEW I wouldn't actually be able to download the beta from GameStop yesterday
- Cryptic KNEW a lot of bullcrap that I have to suffer from because they wanted to make a buck

4. You know who I trust? Blizzard.
- For reasons too numerous to mention
- Most importantly, they don't trick me like you @$$-holes.