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01-29-2010, 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by Rasticus
1. They lead on as if you can download the beta version from any of the pre-order sites.
- I'm not going to search the whole d@mn website to learn that I can only use approximately 4 servers that the game can be purchased through

2. I ordered it from Gamestop and they don't give me a mother fahking CD-key
- What the mother fahk?
- Don't mislead me
- I bought the game and GameStop makes me buy "download insurance" for like $3.50 and I can't even download the game from them, it says "pending", they go on to tell me that I won't receive my CD-key until Monday because it is supplied by a 3rd party who will e-mail me

3. You know who I blame? The people who gave me the option to purchase the game through GameStop
- Cryptic KNEW I wouldn't have my CD-key in a timely fashion
- Cryptic KNEW I wouldn't actually be able to download the beta from GameStop yesterday
- Cryptic KNEW a lot of bullcrap that I have to suffer from because they wanted to make a buck

4. You know who I trust? Blizzard.
- For reasons too numerous to mention
- Most importantly, they don't trick me like you @$$-holes.
Boo freaking hoo, It is not cryptics fault that gamestop doesn't have their stuff together.
Cryptic would be shooting themselves in the foot not to work with game stop, seeing as its one of the largest video game retailers in the US.