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01-29-2010, 08:00 PM
Originally Posted by Costello View Post
I don't know if there are some really stupid people playing this game or its an attempt to make the server unstable and laggy but increasing the amount of stored date (good luck trying this cause it proves you really stupid as well). But the prices of many of the goods on the exchange are a complete joke, you can purchase whatever is being offered much cheaper from an NPC Vendor. So who in their right mind is going to purchase something from these idiots? All it does is make the Exchange unusable in finding things that are of a decent price.

Cryptic you need to make it so putting things on the exchange costs enough enegery to discourage this use of it. There is no way that anyone can expect their bridge officer to sell for 10,000 energy or provisions (purchasable for 100 energy) to sell for 750. So hows about people thing about the prices they ask and make them reasonable or all you are going is filling the exchange with junk that will never sell.
Dewd, I'm using the exchange for extra storage space, I don't want people to buy that stuff at a sane price, I might need it later but my warehouse has limited space so I put it on the exchange for obnoxiously high prices.