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01-29-2010, 08:14 PM
Ok, so I called GameStop earlier and ask why I can't dload the beta client from them?

- "We've tried to contact the publishers numerous times about allowing customers to dload the beta from us and they haven't contacted us back about it, it's been a pretty big compaint and we can't do anything until they coorespond" Paraphrase

I've been dealing with the garbage since last night.

I've been mislead, and it's not all about GameStop, don't give me a non-viable option to purchase the game through. If the game wasn't ready to be released, if all the issues were'nt lined out (other than a few minor/major gameplay isssues) and if it was known that some people would purchase the game and ultimately not be able to play the "guaranteed beta" then why portray it as such? Bad business, I don't accept cheap excuses or be-littling as an answer. Cryptic represents everything negative that comes with an intangible business.