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I've experienced numerous instances where the game client crashes to desktop during ground activity. It can happen during combat or simply while interacting with an item. It's happend at least half a dozen times so far and only during ground activity, never during space activity.

I had experienced a similar issue during open beta involving the D3D issues or something to do with my ATI card and assume this may be a reemergence of that unfortunate problem.

I had been using Catalyst driver 9.12 which had been working wonderfully during the latter part of open beta. After about my 3rd crash to desktop, I uinstalled 9.12 and installed the latest 10.1 drivers. The problem hasn't changed at all as I've crashed about 3 times since then. No noticeably increase or decrease in occurrence. Just more of the same.

I'm currently running a Radeon 4890 on a system using a Q6600 CPU with 4GB of RAM and Windows 7 x64.
I have all graphical details set to maximum and am running in windowed mode at 1600x1200 (though even when I go full screen the problem occurs.