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01-29-2010, 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by StormShade
It's supposed to be easy for the first few levels gang. Things will start getting more and more difficult as you level up.


Stormshade, I understand it is supposed to be easy. But it is still too easy. Let me explain.

I took the shields off of my Miranda ship, and fight battles. I still do not blow up. In one battle, I fought a Brigand Cruiser, and at the end of the fight I had 30% hull. That is with ABSOLUTELY NO SHIELDS. That is too easy, even for the first few levels.

Second, I took all the shield generators away from my away team. It is a VERY RARE occurrence that one of them drops. I just completed the mission Hide and Seek and some other one I cannot remember off the top of my head.

Is it supposed to be sooo easy that you do not need shields? Please, just test it out for yourself and you will see how easy it really is. It is not supposed to be that easy.

By the way, I had all power to weapons, BO with High Yield Torpedo I and a Science Officer with Jam Sensors I. I should not be able to play through the content without shields in space or on the ground without dying.

That is too easy, even for beginner levels.

Besides, if the player base says it is too easy, shouldn't you up it anyway?