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01-29-2010, 09:31 PM
Originally Posted by Kaelas View Post
When purchasing the game, the ads for the game didn't state that we didn't get digital collectors edition races, etc. How come basically those that purchased collectors edition get a wipe to make the race they want, while lifetime doesn't? Or will we be able to reset our race after release at least?
Cryptic and their retail partners didn't do a very good job of explaining this at the point of sale. Eventually, a bunch of people who've been around since before Open Beta will sigh loudly at you and exclaim that this has been known for months, because some marketing guy made a forum post about it...

However, many, many customers were confused and dismayed by the lack of pre-order bonuses with Head Start. After all, they're giving us "special" starter equipment. It won't do much good once we start getting into the Lt. Cdr rank.