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01-29-2010, 09:47 PM
Originally Posted by BlkDrgn
why do we have to waste hours doing fed missions if we want to be klingon? shouldnt we have the option from the start? i understood having to get to a certain fed level during the beta, but not headstart or live.
The reason they make you play through at least the very early stages of fed, is because there is no tutorial system in place for klingons, at least at the moment. When you go klingon you start at... lt. grade 6 I believe, so Since klingon is heavily PVP right now, cryptic believes giving would-be klingons the basics via the fed training before they embark down that path.

However in the latest content update article they state that a good chunk of klingon PVE is on the way, and I would guess that perhaps a tutorial is in the works as well so some can start klingon. Wouldn't bet on it, but would like to assume so.