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01-30-2010, 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by JohnStreutker View Post
The only posts regarding PvP that I saw in early OB were about how we needed more kills because the matches were too short. And now everyone is complaining that more kills makes it too long.

Everyone wants something different, at least they're trying.

To all of you who posted in here offering suggestions and being understanding, kudos.

To kovah, you're an idiot. You made 8 ranks today in a 50 rank game, if that's too slow you're obviously not going to be a "long term player" so I doubt anyone values your opinion. Especially when you post with ****ing this and "FAIL!!!" that. Take your forum-gangsta act somewhere else until you can act like an adult.

I really need to stop reading the forums, they just make me see the worst in society.
You do realize that Klingons get to Lt. 6 automatically right?

You also realize that the last few weeks of Open Beta everyone was complaining about the 40 kills. The reality is that the kills before were 15 they increased the ground kill numbers by 266.666% and did not increase the rewards for that. Furthermore, the time has now increased beyond what the average space PvP match takes.

Finally, remember Klinks only have PvP and Kahless to get them through. We don't have Episodes, so now they forced us to hate certain ground PvP maps because they have become a stupid and pointless grind.