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01-29-2010, 11:52 PM
Originally Posted by JohnStreutker View Post
The only posts regarding PvP that I saw in early OB were about how we needed more kills because the matches were too short. And now everyone is complaining that more kills makes it too long.

Everyone wants something different, at least they're trying.

To all of you who posted in here offering suggestions and being understanding, kudos.

To kovah, you're an idiot. You made 8 ranks today in a 50 rank game, if that's too slow you're obviously not going to be a "long term player" so I doubt anyone values your opinion. Especially when you post with ****ing this and "FAIL!!!" that. Take your forum-gangsta act somewhere else until you can act like an adult.

I really need to stop reading the forums, they just make me see the worst in society.
i quit 3 ground games today because it was just 2-3 people. There is no way of knowing when or if more people will join. Like me and this other guy are supposed to duel 40X? The other day I made an agreement with the other side we were 2 against his 1 that we'd just kill him so he could get his 25 deaths and we could get some xp. Well out of no where 3 more people pop in on his side and they just slaughter us. So we are hopelessly outnumbers AND split up because of spawning. The queuing needs some work.