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01-30-2010, 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by docdennis View Post
/sigh. you do know youre gonna get that stuff on LAUNCH day, right? my god, some people......
Uhh... hyuck fer reals mister? Of course I know NOW. Not when I bought the thing. The advertising and fluff all over Steam when I paid up was that not only would I get these great little toys, I'd get to play with them before everyone else in the headstart program! The way they have cocked this thing up has made it so that one or the other is useless. Taking part in the headstart makes the largest portion of the extras useless because they're designed for use AT character creation, or during the first Tier. Waiting for the extras makes the headstart pointless for obvious reasons. The way that Cryptic have doled out these extras and deals through intermediaries so that they can later go "OH NO GUYS, it's not out fault srsly, blame the retailer this is how we intended it from the start" is just as deceptive and fly-by-night.

Originally Posted by TheMatlock
Gotta love people who didn't think to download the client from Cryptic themselves prior to headstart.

Yeah, that's the obvious thing that everyone should have thought ahead to do! I mean, who WOULDN'T expect a reputable download platform to flip out and decide it needs to delete and re-download an entire 10gb client? What a bunch of doofuses!