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01-30-2010, 12:18 AM
Originally Posted by nesten View Post
off original topic .. but whats happening with the steam thing... im waiting till im on offpeak to download it again could someone tell me whats happening or direct me to a thread with the answers??
I'm a little confused in this area as well. I have heard three things.

1. Either Steam is redownloading the entire client from scratch only once and then the launcher downloads a small patch.

2 . Steam is redownloading the entire client from scratch and then when they launch the game through the launcher it downloads another 10gigs.

3. Steam redownloads client, launcher is activated it downloads a small 59mb file. And then after exiting the game and going back in steam downloads the client again.

Personally, so far (although I have yet to turn off the computer) I have exited the game about 4 times so far and Steam has not attempted to redownload the client again. Although it did once already.