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01-30-2010, 01:22 AM
tell a Federation player he has to play a Klingon tutorial, then 3-6 hours of Klingon content (depending on how familiar he is w/the content he must go through) before he gets to play his Fed toon.

and see how much hate mail you get then.

i got off work today at 2:30, was playing by 3, and around 8 i finally unlocked my Klingon character.
too bad by then you're familiar with flying a Fed Cruiser, cause playing a BoP is entirely different (see apples and oranges). it took me most of OB to get use to it, espescially since i was a Sci officer, and today my first trip into Khaless i kept forgetting that i had a cloak lol. but, it was a looong day at work.