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01-30-2010, 12:26 AM
I recommend you turn off automatic updates for Star Trek Online - Beta (rick click > Properties > Updates > "Do not automatically update this game") and then simply launch the game from outside steam (typically <steam directory>\steamapps\common\star trek online\Star Trek Online.exe) . It would also not be a bad idea to back up your game files somewhere, in the event that Steam decides to meddle with them anyway.

There are lots of speculation *why* Steam is doing this, my take on it is that the STO client files that are on the steam distribution servers have simply not been updated. The Cryptic Patcher updates the game files to the latest client, but then the checksum's for the patched files no longer match - so steam downloads those older files again. That may be mistaken, and steam is treating the head start client as a totally separate product. Either way, if you take the steps above - you should be able to play without having to deal with another gigantic download.

Unfortunately Steam had started working it's magic before I had a chance to do this. So I'll be waiting until Friday the 5th to play the retail copy. Leap in there and enjoy the game for me folks