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01-30-2010, 01:15 AM
My biggest complaint is that the UI is *horrible*:

1. Not being able to see NPC names except by mouseover. Showing your own name *never* works, regardless of how you set up the HUD options.
2. No way to see Mission rewards after accepting the mission.
3. No way to have multiple chat windows.
4. Chat font is terrible, hard to read and not good at small text sizes.
5. Bridge Officer UI on ground missions is impossible to understand. There are no onscreen indicators of who they're targeting. You can't seen to keybind their abilities (or any other method of controlling them).
6. Skill point descriptions are often ambiguous, don't explain things well enough.
7. Character creator woefully short on options. Not enough head options, hair options, etc.
8. Uniform pips don't change correctly on promotion.

Overall, am I having fun? Yeah. It's just all these small things, bugs that should have been fixed, UI options that should have been thought through more, all the things that make a game seem polished. This game still feels like a beta, that they need another year in development. Hopefully a year from now these things will be fixed. But for now, I'm probably just going to play my month, then take a long break until someone tells me all these things are fixed.