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01-30-2010, 01:34 AM
Are you tired of playing with children young enough to be your son or daughter ???

Tired of scavenging the electronic battlefields on your own ???

or just on the lookout for some like-minded 'old-timers' ???

|SNR| Seniors is a well established multi-gaming clan that is on the lookout for new members for the forthcoming title Star Trek Online and also may enjoy a good game of CS:S, COD4, Eve or Battlefirld Bad Company 2.

Although we consider ourselves competitive, Skill is not an issue.
What we initially want, is to find more 'online friendship' and play the games mentioned, in good spirit, together with a good bunch of people.

Our members nationalities span half the globe, from Finland to Spain, from Poland to Ireland, from Slovenia to the Netherlands and of course the UK.
The minimum age for joining up is 25+, where the average age of the clanmembers nowadays is approx 37.
Our oldest members are in their 60's and our youngest members are in there late 20's, so what we've got to offer is a nice mix of 'life experience' and 'youthful enthusiasm'.
Since most of us have children that we need to change nappies for, read bed-time stories to, and put to sleep we hardly see action before 20:00 GMT/21:00 CET, but after that, you can always find some of us online until the early hours.

We own a dedicated server, located in the UK to support our gaming needs and currently we use it to support the following games

- CS:S
- COD4
- L4D
- UT3
- BF2
- TF2

but new games will be taken on just as easily when we feel like it and our members enjoy it..

Further more we've got
- a Ventrillo server (50 slots) for our VOiP needs,
- a fullblown website
- everything else we need to keep in touch.

Does this all sound appealing ??? are you interested ???

Then click on here and fill in the join us section (or post on the forum) .. we'll get back to you asap to introduce |SNR| a bit further and have a chat to see if |SNR| is what you expect it to be.