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01-30-2010, 01:50 AM
Originally Posted by faithborn
Honestly? I haven't seen a bug, haven't had a server crash, haven't had more than one issue in the game this headstart. And that was when my cat stepped on the off switch to my surge protector
you havent played your Klingon toon yet, then, have you? ther are a lot of issues with that faction that still need to be addressed.

we still have Federation officers on our player controlled bridges.
our PvP badge vendors that vendor Kits still dont work.
all the BO's that offer to join you are all engineers.

^all the above issues^ were known during OB. Granted, there's still another 3 days til the actual realease, but...klingon players still have another 45 days after release to get a content patch that gives us things the Federaition already has (bountiful PvE missions, crafting, an Exchange, etc..)
throw us a bone, for pete's sake. odds are if someone is upset about something, there are numerous other reasons about them posting that they do not mention it is just what they are posting that is on the top of their head and first to roll off their fingers.