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01-30-2010, 03:10 AM
Originally Posted by LAB-ahh-STICK
Your GORN starts at same level as the fed nuub you leveled up . So your not ' waisting ' time . This way there is just one tutorial and they dont have to code a totaly diffrent one for klingons .

Pluss you get to see just how crappy them fedaration ships are . Shure they got great fireing arcs and are awsume at standing off and delivering broadsides ... but no true warrior fights like that .
If you had flown the K'tinga or other Klingon battle cruisers you wouldn't be so down on the beam weapons. Cannons are great for the very fast turning ships like BoP and Raptors... and if you give up a console slot to an RCS upgrade then the K'tinga can turn good too, but seriously once in the larger battle cruisers you'll want the 180 degree cannons or a beam array as it's just not possible to keep cannons zeroed on an escort in a battle cruiser.

Plus if you gear properly those Beam Arrays can be very deadly on Klingon ships. But yeah I wouldn't use them on anything but the BC's.