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Shortcut icons disappear from ground toolbar after instances and use. This has been happening sense the start of open beta. I created a ticket but it was number 500000. Iím not sure if this is only happening to me, but it happens to me every time. I am not exaggerating. Before every ground fight I have to re-populate the toolbar. I have to put the same shortcut on the toolbar in several places because the shortcut will randomly disappear after use. I repeat, this happens every time and is very annoying. Get rid of the feature that automatically populates the toolbar with icons. This may be part of the reason the shortcuts disappear after an instance. Put a feature in that locks the toolbar. This may prevent the shortcut from disappearing after being used. Give us a feature that save/ load toolbars. If the game has these features I cant find them. At least if you canít fix the above problems I can automatically populate the toolbar. SWG had these same problems and they never were able to fix them. They finally created a feature for saving/loading toolbars. Did you hire this same programmer? This may not seem like a big problem but It is a big problem. This is an instance based game and a large part of it is ground fighting.