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01-30-2010, 02:40 AM
Originally Posted by Aior
Ok some Klingons were nice enough to post some things they get.

It is pretty much green MK II gear across the board as one said.

So this means that most fed players are going in with white and green MK I gear while Klingons are walking in with much better gear. The first tier is insanely off balanced right now unless you update Wildman's quest reward to give similar gear.

We are talking about games where we see Klingons with 30-50k damage. While on the Fed side you would be lucky to see someone break 10k. This is not a matter of "skill" or anything else but better gear for the ships.

On this same note. Why does Federation PvP gear MKII require Lt. Cmmdr rank? Does the Klingon PvP gear have this same issue? From what I have seen the starter gear for Klingons is equal to the MK II green gear.

But that is probably a bug, why does MK II pvp gear of a Lt. Cmder requirement? Same for Klingons?
Completely agree. Something is up with the low level PVP balance. I can shoot at a Klingon ship over and over with full power to weapons and barely scratch the sheilds, yet kingon ships can easily go through my sheilds. 4 Kingons vs. 1 fed ends in a quick death as the teir 1 ship folds faster than superman on laundry day. The Klingon ships stay around for a good 30 seconds until the shields finally go out. You're also dead on about the scores. Klingons are obviously putting out way more power and possibly tanking way more than their fed counterparts. Needs to be balanced.