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01-30-2010, 02:42 AM
I felt like another "rule" could have potentially been added, but it isnt exclusive to cruisers, so I left it out of the initial post. But...

Again, unlike the harsh realities of World War I that Boelcke faced, the penalty for losing (the death penalty) in Star Trek Online is at worst, an inconvenience. Therefore, two conclusions must logically follow:

1) If death is essentially meaningless, than risking it is not a problem
2) If risky situations demand the most of our talents as players, we should throw ourselves into as many of them as we reasonably can

So, aside from completely stupid things like throwing yourself - alone - headlong into a half dozen well-prepared opponents, taking risks and being aggressive is a good thing. Especially early. Something I learned about PVP in Age of Conan (which for all its faults currently has strong PVP balance and tradition) is that the only real way to get better is to get your teeth knocked in. You don't learn by playing it safe, and to use a STO example that means staying in the Federation bubble in PVP. Be stupid/aggressive when the opportunity arises. Don't fret over unfavorable odds. Push yourself into circumstances where victory is unlikely. Do it enough and you'll learn exactly when and how you can get away with, delay, or most efficiently time your abilities. Again, this is GENERAL advice. Unlike in the other MMO I mention (heh), your kill/death ratio is not recorded publicly, so who cares if you end up having a mediocre PVP match or have to restart a PVE mission - you've learned, and in the long run, you'll be a better captain.

Why post this when it seems like common sense to some people? Because of personal experience. Before Age of Conan I would never have even entertained the concept. Being exposed to that sort of demanding PVP enviromnent didn't just make me a better PVPer, it made me a better PVEer, too. It forced me to challenge myself and my conceptions of the class/what was expected of me , despite the complacency many games today offer. Star Trek Online, especially this current build's PVE content - is no exception.

That doesn't mean I'm telling PVEers to go out and PVP their butts off, just that challenging yourself is a good thing, and losing isn't a bad thing. A lot of dedicated PVPers already know this, and I guess that means this post really isn't for you/us. But if you're never really been challenged by a game, PVE or PVP, you've got control over that somewhat - seek such challenges out. It's rewarding.

In short, for the TL DR people:

"Ah, what the hell" should be your motto., in PVE and PVP Otherwise you'll never learn. I don't claim to be the best, but I'm always trying to get better.