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01-30-2010, 02:43 AM
Originally Posted by TaranaRo View Post
You know the funny thing is that on the Fed side you also only get one choice, but you do at least get a random Tac/Eng/Sci officer. Klingon's apparently have a metric ****-ton of Engy's. I'm a little ****ed that none of the officer recruits are Klingon's. I claim then discharge all of them. I don't want any non-klingon's serving on my ship.

Lets not even talk about that fact that Klingon bridges are STILL crewed by Federation officers.

However on my Fed toon my bridge is manned by the actual BOff's I've recruited and they even have the uniforms I gave them.

Worse yet you can't even INVITE anyone to your Bridge and they can't invite you to thiers. Me and friends have tried inviting each other numerous times even tried while teamed. It's impossible the Invite button doesn't work on Klingon side.