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01-30-2010, 02:47 AM
Originally Posted by ZazCha View Post
There was a nice post about this during open beta (i should have bookmarked it)

But from what i understand, but i could be wrong, is when you get into higher ship tiers you wont be able to use high tier BO commands on a cruiser since they dont have the slots for them.

So you will be flying your tier 4 cruiser with only Torpedo High Yield II

Edit: Just found the thread in my browser history, but the OP edited his post: Linky
While you wont be able to use your tactical officers mk 3 skills (you can still train em, just not use space ones) you will be instead, able to use mk 3 engineering skills.

Your captain class has no bearing on what mk 3 bridge officer abilities you can use, its only the ship that changes that.

What your captain class alters is what unique captain skills you get access to in ADDITION to the skills the ship gives you access to with bridge officers.

The only real penalty with flying something like a cruiser as a tactical captain is that to train your mk 3 engineering bridge officer abilities you need to use rare bridge officers to train it.

But saying you can't use a mk 3 tactical skill because you went tactical in a cruiser is silly, because you can't use those skills if you were an engineer in a cruiser, as its all the ship that decides what bridge officer abilities you can use.