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01-30-2010, 02:53 AM
Originally Posted by coldheartzero View Post
The game ran better for me in OB then it does now. However I made the mistake of upgrading to Vista SP 1 just because I was tired of the freakin' update popup thing.

I figure in a few days I'll get used to it and won't notice it anymore.

ONe thing that has been fixed is the occasional empty little boxes dancing around my screen. However, in some zones when my weapons fire (ground zones) the floor tiles turn black in sync with the gun fires.

I knew I shouldn't of updated to SP1.

Simple things can go all kinds of wonky on your system.

It's also up to you to supply the burden of proof that your system is not running fine. You're the one making the oriiginal statement. In a court of law you have to proof your problem first, then it's up to the other side to try and disprove it. Pretty much the same way in the scientific process, you have to prove your theory otherwise it's just words.
Upgrading to SP1 was a good idea... actually not upgrading for so long was the bad one. Vista SP1 solves a number of the issues that gave it such a bad image at launch.