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Hey there

The Name is Captain Max and I have been OB and now Head start. I am looking for a fleet to join up with and here is a bit of my background.

I am 52 years old and have been a fan of Star Trek from day one, back in the heady days of the 60's when ScFi on TV was more or less unheard of. I have followed the show and it's cast and have in fact had the chance to meet and greet some of them. I have played RP Star Trek and was a Captain in a fleet of 12 ships and ran my own RP within this fleet as Captain of the Ark Royal. I have played a few MMO's UO WOW AO E&B ect. I have ran Guilds in 3 of these and was the Leader of the Jenquai Extreme in AO for 4 years.

What I am looking for is a Fleet that is close and works together as a Family. I am not looking for an officers slot, just a home and a warm fire to come home to. But I am also here to lear about fleets in this game and I want to help out my Fleet/Family as best I can and in any way I can.

So if you are looking for some one like myself then give me a yell.

Captain Max
Commander USS. Ark Royal NCC 92025