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01-30-2010, 03:10 AM
Originally Posted by CnB
Regarding Torpedoes, I'm skeptical at the necessity of equipping them, since doing so automatically means you'll be less able to bring down a target's shields. And as you pointed out, a Cruiser is much less capable at dictating the terms of an engagement. If they're watching out for Evasive Manuevers, they're going to perform moves to run counter to yours. You may very well found yourself staring at a fully charged shield by the time you've knocked down one facing and lined up your shot.

Me, assuming it's a duel, I think I'd try for a battle of attrition. Put those Hull Points and Crew to good use. Use beam arrays. Let the oppenent dictate the terms of the engagement, at least as far as turns are concerned, while doing what I can to mitigate the damage. If you can outrun and out last them, once they've exhausted themselves, then you'll be in a position to destroy them. That's when you use use manuevers and attempt to go on the offensive.
Due to energy weapon power limitations an all energy weapon loadout would just be hurting you. Its torps or mines, and torps are better than mines.