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01-30-2010, 03:10 AM
Originally Posted by Ragerx
So its not Beta its live so whats the apologists excuses now?
Clearly still upset because few of us told you to stop whining on Zone chat last night about a small graphical glitch

You had an issue that the "warp out graphic was still occasionally glitchy and its all so amatuerish blah blah" and went on and on and on about it. Big yawn.

Did you really expect the game to 100% bug free? Clearly there are bugs and its fair to say I'm sure they are all being looked at, but to fixate so publicly and so repeatedly on such a small thing is silly. And to impact on everyone elses game-play by going on...and on...and on...aaaand on about in zone made you look supremely childish. Your final " JUST F^&% OFF" only cemented this.

Take a break if every minute detail that isn't perfect annoys you so much. Go to the gym, or beat up your little brother... get some of this frustration out of your system. If you cannot handle bugs on the games first day you are in for a very frustrating experience.

But for those of us that are mature enough to realise this is the way the game is going to be for a while, please go away and stop trying to suck everyone into your black-hole of despair.

This thread is a perfect example. You obviously have feedback to provide but rather than actually *give it* you instead start a thread directed at the community which by its very nature implies everyone else is stupid and fanboish and you somehow have something over us all. In fact, threads like this prove one thing and one thing alone. You have nothing genuinely constructive to say. You want to whine and rage and direct your pent-up anger at other players and spoil everyone elses game.

Sorry, I think its very sad.