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01-30-2010, 03:11 AM
Well, CnB you certainly have a point, but I think you've walked into something of a contradiction.

You've correctly pointed out that in a duel a cruiser is looking to win a war of attrition by using its superior survivability to wear the opponent down.

Where I'd disagree is how effective a torpedoless cruiser would be in using maneuvers and going on the offensive.

Ultimately, the longer a fight goes on the more likely a cruiser's chance of winning the engagement - all other things being equal. But unlike say, boxing, where a winner could be chosen on points scored from successful jabs (phaser shots) landed, eventually someone is going to have to swing the knockout punch or they're just going to dance around you until help arrives (PVP), they just run away (PVP), or you get bored (PVE).

Without torpedoes, I don't see that happening. If it takes a few more phaser hits, or a few more non-high yield torpedoes to bring down the enemy's shields, then so be it. I'd be far more confident in my ability to finish them off if I had some torpedoes locked and loaded to land that final blow than if I didn't.

Furthermore, Gunfugue makes a good point about the power drain of energy weapons.