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01-30-2010, 03:22 AM
LoL I just want them to fix the kit vendor in Ganalda

40 kills, sure it's too much, but every 3 games you get a quest that gives you +153 SP, I mean hell, I made it to 2 bars before 11 today on my klink and that's cause I waited out for over 2 hours for my brothers to catch up!

So yeah, 40 kills is too much for the sole reason that the Queueing system is not top notch, considering sometimes I started games where we were 5 klinks.... and waited over 7-8 minutes for ONE fed to show up and leave after a kill or two

If we would get full teams from the get go, and they would start the disabled timer RIGHT as the game ended, it would make the games perfectly fine for leveling even with 40 kills.

Asides from that I am having a BLAST in ground pvp lol

P.S. fix. the. kit. vendor. in. GANALDA!