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01-30-2010, 03:24 AM
I replied to this yesterday, but as you said, everything's been deleted.

Bonus items are per character, not per account. Everyone gets three character slots (the third unlocks later). If I make three characters, all three can claim their own set of bonus items.

Originally Posted by KarmaImperative View Post
The Amazon exclusive is a Borg Bridge Officer. She's a gorgeous liberated Borg and would make a fine addition to any bridge. Straightforward enough.
In my opinion, Borg Bridge Officer is the best bonus - at least, the one you'll use the longest. The Borg levels up with you. And she has superior Commander-grade skills. Other people need rare drops for those skills, the Borg gets them for free.

This is the only preorder bonus that's good at high level - all the others are low-level stuff that you will outgrow.

The downside of ordering from Amazon - they are reportedly very slow with issuing pre-order codes now. If you order now, you might not get your headstart/preorder code. Though if Amazon doesn't give you a code, you can contact STO customer support - they usually help people in such a situation.

The Best Buy exclusive is an in-game "pet": a Tribble if you play Federation, a Targ if you play Klingon. I am confused as to what the function of this pet is
The Targ follows you around and looks cool. That's it. The Tribble needs to be equipped as a device. When you use it, your character strokes the Tribble. It purrs. You get a beneficial effect. Most Tribbles give health regeneration, others increase your damage, etc.

You don't need the preorder to get a Tribble; they are reportedly in-game even in live, and they reproduce if fed. It's possible the Best Buy exclusive Tribble might have better powers than the normal Tribbles.

All your Klingon characters can claim a Targ. All your Federation characters can claim a Tribble.

I haven't heard any positive or negative feedback about Best Buy.

The GameStop exclusive is a Constitution class starship with blue phasers and an extra engineering mod slot. Also straightforward, an extra engineering mod slot would have obvious advantages and who wouldn't want a Constitution class starship?
The GameStop exclusive is the 1960s TOS Constitution. The Movie-era Refit Constitution is available in-game as a normal ship. The TOS Constitution is vastly inferior to the regular refit Connie. The TOS Connie has pretty much the same stats as a normal Federation newbie starter ship, save for the extra slot.

If you progress through the game at a quick pace, it'll last you maybe 10 hours. If you're more leisurely, perhaps 15-20 hours. After which can still use the ship, of course, but better options are available to you.

GameStop is reportedly quite bad at e-mailing headstart pre-order codes, but good at handing them out in person.