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01-30-2010, 04:30 AM
Originally Posted by Alaska_Greybeard
Sorry I messed up. That could only happen if the toon was tac; I got confused by my BO TAC having the HYT skill in his box but it also shows up in my ability power bar as a number preset. Does it Matter if i click on the BO skill versus the power preset bar??????

Tactical captains do not get hyt as one of their captain skills, but any of the BO skills can be dragged onto the hotbar for ease of use.

BO skills and captain skills:

BO skills are taught to your bridge officers either from the npc trainer, random unassigned bridge officers or through you unlocking them to train with rank 9 captain skills.

Engineer BO's can only learn engineer BOffs and tactical only tactical boffs etc. So you cannot have an engineer bridge officer with high yield torpedo NO MATTER WHAT.

What specifies the sort of BO skills you can end up with (aka what rank 3 BO abilities you'll be able to use) is your ship.

Cruisers will be able to use rank 3 engineering BOffs
Escorts will be able to use rank 3 tactical BOffs
Science will be able to use rank 3 science BOffs.

Your captain class will not change this ever.

Your captain skills are unique, no bridge officer can ever learn any of the captain skills. You get generic captain skills on all captain classes (evasive maneuvers, ramming speed, brace for impact etc) but you also get some class unique abilities on every level ending with 8 (so every 10 levels after level 8) these can be used on any ship and can be used to fill gaps in the ships bridge officer assigned abilities.

So engineer in a science will get 7 science abilities from bridge officers (including upto 3 rank 3) but only upto 3 engineering abilities from bridge officers. But being an engineering captain they also gets 5 unique engineering skills to use on top of that, allowing them to have 7 science and 8 engineering in total.