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01-30-2010, 03:40 AM
Leadership , if it works is a great asset to any ship class , especially cruisers , but i wouldn't waste 1 trait slot to my main to pick Human , since you can have a Human BO that has it & assuming that it works as intented.
Instead i would made a custom race that looked Human ( which i did want to be Human anyway ) and choose 4 space traits which are far more important , at least for me.
If you have the Liberated Borg Officer bonus preorder , you can skip efficient too because she already has that.

I personaly created a custom Human\Trill character that has :

- Accurate
- Elusive
- Techie
- Warp Theorist

If all goes well and nothing changes , i will have Effiicient too with the Borg BOff.
I wanted Astrophysicist too , but my purpose is to create a hybrid tank\dps Cruiser as a Tac Captain , so it's bonuses want be as usefull as the bonuses of the above traits.

Teamwork is good , but only on a BOff and only in a main character created exclusively for PvP. I wouldn't spend another valuable trait slot for that , exploit damage is already a very powerfull attack especially with a sniper shot , and secondly i don't equip my BOffs with exploit weapons , only expose . I want that vaporizations for my self Really , if you have a Human Boff with teamwork , no need to take it as a Captain.

These are my recommendations anyway.