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# 1 Stats info?
01-30-2010, 04:48 AM
i got a little big question, there is alot of stats in this game, i dot know how many, as i stopped counting, all thouse stats makes me extreemly confused, when i try to build up my Bridge Crew, and equip my ship, as i got no idea what the most stats do, and how much they do it.

i noticed i can follow how much my bridge officer gets better, in the info, as it update, as i level him up, but then when i level up my self, i could just as well be shooting in blinds, as i have no idea what the most helps in, theres a couple of examples in the bottom of each stat, but it aint helping much, if it only shows 2 items, on a list of maby 12 places it helps.

is there a way to see a very detailed and full list of every stat in-game, and what that makes what better?

or should i just leep closing my eyes, and press wildly in the stat window?