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01-30-2010, 03:48 AM
Originally Posted by Windhunter View Post
if you like that space map so much. go play mass effect 2 and leave the rest of us alone. we are perfectly content with sector space.
I'm not content with it. I don't agree that the Mass Effect 2 one works for STO either. If the Planetary systems were floating against a starscape background, then sector space would make sense. But the grid, blue pathways, and lollipops are stupid. That stuff should be in an astrometrics view or something. Put it on the map for telling your helmsman where to set course.

Sector space should be nothing more than a ship, out in the vastness of space, flying at warp or sitting between star systems. The controls for navigating it should be available from the bridge, or if you prefer, from the sector space view. But switching between them should be a seamless click the button and switch.

The one for ME2 is cool, but it isn't Trek. There's no sense of travel time. Travel time is very much a part of the ST experience, and should be done the right way.