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01-30-2010, 03:49 AM
Originally Posted by KarmaImperative View Post
My questions: 1. Which retailer did you choose to pre-order from? 2. What function would you guess the pets have, if any? 3. Do you think pets are one per code (meaning only one of your characters can have one)?.
All good advice in the replies so far and here's my view:

1) The Borg Bridge officer seems to be a good choice as they with level with you (and look cool IMHO). Most of the other pre-order bonuses will not be beneficial beyond the time you get your first ship upgrade it seems.

2) Pets in Cryptic's other game (Champions Online) are purely cosmetic but the STO Tribble gave an out of combat health regeneration boost in Beta, and I assume the Targ may do the same for Klingon characters (but no way to tell for sure until we get one). The Del Taco shuttlecraft "pet" gives no bonus as far as I know but will just follow your ship around in space.

3) All pre-order bonuses are available to every character you create but you won't get them until you apply your retail key to your account.