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01-30-2010, 03:54 AM
Originally Posted by BigBadB
Digging through some notes I made in open beta...

All tests performed with the Tier 1 Light Cruiser and default equipment (just what it comes with), commanded by a new character with no skill points spent (all skills at 0) and no 'space' traits.

Weapon Power vs Phaser Beam Array damage
This one is pretty simple:

100 - 200 (160 dps)
75 - 150 (120 dps)
50 - 100 (80 dps)
25 - 50 (40 dps)

So, if we take power level 50 as the base value, every point of weapon power above 50 increases your energy weapon damage by 2%, and every point of weapon power below 50 reduces your energy weapon damage by 2%
Good to know. Any expectation that it may scale differently for cannons or dual arrays? Also, what about falloff damage rates?

Engine Power vs Max Combat Speed
This one is slightly more complex. I have a few ideas about the math that I'd be happy to explain if you like, but I haven't tested my theory yet.

100 - 20.00 Impulse
75 - 16.25 Impulse
50 - 12.5 Impulse
25 - 8.75 Impulse
Fire away. They would serve as a good basis for experimentation.