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01-30-2010, 03:56 AM
I agree.

Where's the challenge? See ship, get its shields down, torp it, wash, rinse, repeat. Oh wait, there's a whole bunch of ships, surely there will be a different strategy involved, right? Nope, just lower the shields, torp it a few times, move on to next target.

Add in the leisurely death penalty, and you get a strategy of blindly zerging content, facerolling anything the devs throw at us.

Where's the mix of space combat, even if it's not realistic? Is this all we're ever going to see, strategy wise, in STO?

I was hoping to encounter moments where I would say to myself, 'Oh noes, it's a ship class x, from race y, and this specific ship does something different!' where I would be forced to alter my strategy a bit, but sadly this isn't the case yet.

I'm hoping that in the coming months the devs will add some more flavor to the mix, and give us a little more challenge in our gameplay.